Environmental Consulting & Indoor Air Quality Testing Reliable, Cost-Effective Solutions

American Environmental Group is committed to being the premier environmental consulting company in America by providing our clients with expert knowledge and sensible solutions. By doing so, we empower our clients to understand and manage their indoor environment, especially regarding worker or occupant exposure to potentially hazardous materials, particularly after property losses such as fires or floods.

We work closely with insurance companies, homeowners, business owners, and property managers as well as construction and development companies to provide environmental consulting and testing services at fair, competitive prices. When it comes to mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead-based paint, and other issues affecting your indoor environment, AEG is committed to finding your solution.

At AEG, we are intently focused on customer satisfaction from start to finish through extraordinary field service, leading-edge technologies throughout the company, and our uncompromising professional expertise.

Why Choose AEG?

When you have a water or fire loss in your home or building, you don’t just worry about what will happen to your property. You worry about how this will disrupt your life and question how quickly everything can be repaired and put back together so you can resume your life as normal. This is why we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service to help get you back in your property as quickly as possible.

From day one, our goal at American Environmental Group has been to rise above the competition, offer the very highest quality in every area, and make things as easy and stress-free as possible for our customers. We strive to deliver uncompromised, exceptional service. With competitive pricing, same-day scheduling, fast turnaround on results and reports, and our unparalleled staff members, we do what’s best for our clients who put their trust in us.


Assessment & Inspection after Flooding

Damage from water can be severe, leading to serious health hazards and contamination from both mold and sewage that can be toxic to family, guests, pets, workers, and more. During our comprehensive assessment of your property after a flood, our team will follow the latest recommendations, guidelines, and standards from national agencies such as HUD, the EPA, OSHA, and other relevant regulations. We work to provide remediation and cleanup solutions to ensure safety after a flood or serious water damage. Our Sewage and Bacterial Surveys test the safety of your property’s vital plumbing systems and ensure quick results regarding contamination levels.


Testing for Soot, Ash, Smoke & Other Hazards

Often the most damaging thing about a fire are not the flames, but rather the soot, ash, and smoke that can cause serious damage to the property and contents as well as present health concerns in both residents of the area and workers in an affected building. American Environmental Group works with properties directly and indirectly impacted by wild or man-made fires, testing for ash content, invisible soot particle, charcoal presence, and other potential health hazards. One of our skilled Environmental Technicians will come to your property and inspect for contamination levels following a fire. The results of this test offer the client valuable information related to the extent of damage produced by a fire at a residential, commercial or industrial property.

We use inspection and collection methods accepted as industry best practice, which provides our customers with information about particulate contamination. This type of testing is designed for analysis of fire residue to determine the amount of char material and/or soot/carbon black or fugitive dust, if any, that may have impacted the building materials in the subject property and to gather information necessary for preparing an appropriate plan of action for cleaning and decontamination of the impacted areas.